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First Users Program - C&F PRO Online
We Invite your organization to enter the C&F PRO Online First Users program and be among the very first to benefit from the features C&F PRO Online has to offer; Five of which are listed below. But first why dont you watch the video below for a glimpse of the future of Freight Forwarding Logistics in Eastern Africa; And don't miss to read about the C&F PRO Online Action Center.
  Freight Forwarding Solution
Watch: The Future of Freight Forwarding Logistics & Import / Export Trade in Eastern Africa:
1. Online access via internet browsers:
  C&F PRO online will be available all the time online eliminating the strain and worry of in house server maintenance.
2. Seamless migration (For C&F PRO desktop version users)
  We will provide free migration of your existing data from your current C&F PRO system so that your staff will continue working as normal.
3. Importer / Client Access:
  C&F PRO Online provides an interface for Importer Access to their consignments and status updates using a key that you will provide to them. They will not need to wait for reports. On your part you will instantly be providing them better and high quality customer service. Importer access comes in Full (PC/Tablet) and Mobile formats.
4. Consignment Based Messaging:
  Your clients can now make inquiries and upload documents for new consignments directly on the system making it very easy for your staff to start new files / jobs. Staff will be able to respond faster to clients without switching applications; providing for high quality Client / C&F Agent collaboration and also maintaining a comprehensive audit trail where messages automatically form part of consignment data.

With this feature you will be able to reduce your work email-load by up to 75%.

5. Transporter Access:
  Transporters are now able to update Port Exit Dates, Cross Border Dates, Container Return Dates, and Interchange numbers. They will also be able to upload interchange documents to demonstrate proof of returning containers using a key that you will provide to grant them access to their consignments.
  Extremely Affordable:
  C&F PRO Online is accessible on monthly subscription as follows:
See C&F PRO Rates 

C&F Agents can purchase discounted Importer Access Credit for their clients granting them access to the system as a way of value addition to their customer service / care.

For less than standard C&F Agency Fees for 1 consignment - say KES 8,000 per month you can now provide your organisation and your top clients a top of the range Freight Forwarding Solution.

  The Action Center:
  A key feature of C&F PRO Online is the Action Center a central dashboard that provides snapshot of the entire freight forwarding operations at a glace providing notifications, alerts and recommended courses of action. When you see it you will be blown away by how easily and immediately C&F PRO can simplify your freight forwarding operation.
  Other Benefits:
  Enjoy discounts on the subscription tariff you choose, extended support and have your input / feedback determine the course of the development process to mold the system accourding to your needs.
  The Future of Freight Forwarding Logistics:
  From now onward EVERY C&F Agent in the region will have extremely affordable access to a top tier freight forwarding solution. They will be able to apply the best practices in their operations and the generate higher client and job turn over. As such, it will be of immense advantage to your organization to be among the first.
  Feel free to respond with your thoughts on this. We hope you will accept the invitation.

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