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INTEGRA Project - Logistics Data Service layer
Access to information between logistics industry players and stakeholders is a big obstacle in the movement and clearance of goods in the region.

We have for a number of years in the development of C&F PRO Freight Forwarding System made great efforts to gain access to operational data from various logistics organization and institutions for consumption by our system and users.

Following extensive consultations and meetings we have encountered a similar set of obstacles in logistics organizations that need be surmounted. These include but are and not limited to the following:

  1. Concerns for data and systems security (Click here for more)
  2. Safeguarding of company information and working methods
  3. Varied database systems and data structures
  4. Lack of the required internal programming skills in organizations
  5. Lack of cooperation due to focus on other internal priorities
  6. Lack of awareness of the importance of sharing operational data
  7. Use of outdated and incompatible software and hardware systems
  8. Concerns over cost of implementation of data sharing facilities

Getting logistics organizations to provide access to their data for consumption by external systems and applications will require a lot more than company to company meetings and consultations.

It has to be a concerted industry effort involving as many players as possible to lobby the stakeholders and develop a system that would gather operational logistics data and create a single access point by any application or system in the pursuit of highly efficient movement and clearing of goods in the region.

This will require expertise, resources and patience.

As such we are embarked on an ambitious software project that will act as vehicle and a product of this initiative for the benefit of our own applications (C&F PRO) and our users and everyone else from the region else seeking to consume this data and also from any part of the world.

Anticipated benefits:
We anticipate that among the benefits of such a system will be the proliferation of logistics apps by local and international software developers and coders.

Or the creation of Marshalling / Scheduling applications with data from the Inland Container Depot (ICD) that would enable transporters deploy trucks and resources efficiently and help relieve congestion and delays at the depot.

We invite you to join us in this initiative an industry stakeholder / player and would greatly value your input / support.
Integra Logistics Data Service Layer

Integra is a logistics text and document data gathering and dissemination service whose purpose is to securely collect logistics operational from various database systems or presented in various formats in logistics organizations and institutions to create a secure, easily accessible, ubiquitous and standardized data layer for consumption by external private and public sector applications and systems.

Integra is a two way middle tier application and will process gathered data and present it for consumption via Web Services and other Application Programing Interfaces (API).

External applications would consume data by querying the system via a set of standardized criteria of numbers and marks such as Bill of lading numbers, Container numbers, Entry numbers, etc.

It will also feature a business intelligence service consumable together with the data.

These are some of the organizations and types of data Integra aims to access, process, standardize and avail for consumption:
Shipping Lines:
  1. Vessel Information and status, Voyage numbers, ETA, Berthing Dates
  2. Bill of lading headers (Consignees, Supplier etc) and cargo details.
  3. Vessel last sling dates
  4. Delivery order status and details
  5. Shipping Line charges, Demurrage charges, etc
  6. Container return dates, Interchange numbers and note
Kenya Ports Authority, ICD & Container  Freight Stations:
  1. Port charges statuses
  2. Loading orders details and status
  3. Release order details and status
  4. Port exit & Ready loading status and dates
  5. Storage Charges, etc
Kenya Revenue Authority
  1. Lodged entry status and remarks
  2. Duty / Tax advices, etc
KEBS, KEPHIS, Ministry of Health & Sanitation,CID / NISS /Police, etc
  1. Verification start and end dates, remarks, etc
  2. Special & Dangerous Cargo status and advice, etc
  1. On loading status and dates
  2. Cross border Dates, Delivery dates, Off-loading dates
  3. Container return to depot stays and dates
Clearing & Forwarding Agents:
  1. Consignment clearing progress status updates
  2. Container status
  3. Consignment release status, etc
Importers / Manufacturers / Exporters:
  1. Consignment documents
  2. Consignment received updates delivery status, etc
  3. Planned Import / Export updates
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