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Codealot Information Technology Hub
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1. Get started in your coding experience / career
2. Improve your coding skills and get support in your Project / App
3. A tranquil space for your startup and business ideas
4. Participate in ongoing company software projects
5. Get our Recommendation in your future jobs & software projects
6. Work alongside other like minded and thoroughly vetted hub members in strict code of conduct environment
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Technologies & Tools we currently support:
  Proprietary technologies:
  1. Microsoft Visual Studio (Visual Basic.NET / C-Sharp)
  2. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Higher  
  Open Source technologies:
  1. PHP
  2. Java
  3. MySql Database
  4. Android Studio
  5. Other
  1. Windows Applications
  2. ASP.NET Web Applications
  3. PHP Web applications
  4. Android (Mobile) Applications
Who can join:
IT Personnel, Professionals , College Students, High school students and other Persons with a passion for Software Development. Members must be interviewed, evaluated and vetted before they can join.
A Kes 250 interview fee is chargeable (non refundable)
*Terms & conditions apply. Student's discount available on entry
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