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Opportunity Details
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Today's Date: 12 Jul 2024 11:28 PM
Software Developer - Microsoft Visual Studio (Project Codealot)
Available Openings: 5
Required Education Level:
Required Education: College Diploma or Higher (Other Evalutions Apply).
Opportunity Description, Desired Skills, Candidate Attributes, Duties, etc.
Software developer for the following type applications to work on contract agreement or other arrangement:
1. Windows Desktop Applications
2. ASP.NET Web Applications (Web foarms / MVC)
3. Windows Phone applications - Added Advantage
4. Android Phone applications - Added Advantage

Required software skills:
1. Visual Basic.NET - MUST
2. C-Sharp -Added Advantage
3. Ajax / jQuery - Added Advantage
4. Java for Android - Added Advantage

Able to design and work with the following database systems:
1. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or Higher
2. Microsoft Jet Database
3. Any other relational Database Systems (OLE DB) - Oracle, MySQL, etc - Added Advantage

Good to Excellent Graphic Design Skills are a added advantage.

Required Education Level & Work Experience
1. College Diploma or Degree - Completed or Ongoing.
2. Able to demostrate Software Develipment Skills in the required fields

Applicant will be required to demonstrate the skills required above.

Application Deadline: 01 June 2017
Sign Up to Apply. Application Fees - KES 350.00 (KES 500.00)
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