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Automated Directory Backup & SQL Server Databases Backup Tool.

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Product Description
  BackupMan is a utility software for automated backup from Cybermonk Software Development for backing up Directories (folders) and SQL Server Databases for SQL Server 2005 or higher.

Create any number of backup jobs to your cloud storage folder (Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, etc) or external Harddrive by setting the source folder or SQL Server database, the destination folder, backup interval (ranging from 1 hour to 24 hours) and the number of backups you want for each folder. BackupMan can be minimized to run in the background and accessed on the Windows Task Notification Area.

Timing feature for backing up after office hours.

BackupMAN also features password protection provided.

Place shortcut on the Windows Startup Folder to enable automation.

No installation required. Download the zipped file to you computer, unzip to and run the BackupMAN application.
Works on any version of Windows Starting from Windows XP and higher.

- You can try the free version BackupMAN from the link below.

1. SQL Server database backup has only been tested for locally installed SQL Server instance.

2. User account must have Administrator rights.

3. The free version of BackupMAN allows only 3 folder backup jobs and 2 SQL Server Database backups. Maximum databases size is 100MB.

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Some Users of BackupMAN
1. IMA Kenya Limited
3. IMA Kenya Limited
2. Skyman Freighters
4. Top Baby Mart
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