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A resource for reproductive health information and user interaction.
By the International Center of Reproductive Health Kenya (ICRH-K).

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Product Description
  Elimika is a resource web application for reproductive health information and user interaction commissioned by the International Center of Reproductive Health Kenya (ICRH-K) targeting the youth.

On it users are able to create posts about their experiences and knowledge on reproductive health issues and also hear what other users have to say through comments on the posts.

Users can also chat with other users on a discussions section about various listed topics.
Elimika also features Ask an Expert section where users can send messages via email directly and confidentially to an assigned team of experts on reproductive health. Who then login and respond to the user’s inbox on Elimika.

Users also receive notifications about comments on their posts and can send private messages to other Elimika users in the Messages section.

Users can also browse a media gallery to watch videos and images poses by the administrators on Elimika or by other users on the site. The gallery content is designed to provide rich and informative content so that by browsing it users can increase their knowledge to be better able to manage their reproductive health matters.

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