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Product, Services, Inventory Management & Order Processing System.

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  Industriale is application software developed to provide flexibility in the execution of the tasks necessary for management and administration of production, stocking and sales processes for any establishment that provides products and/or services directly to its customers.

Industriale effectively addresses many factors that are unique to the local business and industrial environment to create seamless flow of information, availability of data critical to decision making and increased efficiency.

Industriale has been developed to meet the following main objectives:

1. Process incoming customers orders or service requests.

2. Track the processed orders for a customer including payments and balances

3. Manage inventory / stock

4. Manage the movement of stock batches into the main warehouse from factories and other sources, and out of the main warehouse by way of, stock transfers to depots and sales.

5. Provide comprehensive analyzing and reporting of all these processes i.e. sales, stock, customer activity, purchases and payments, products movement by customers and zones.

6. Perform accounting functions i.e invoicing, producing statements, credit notes, debit notes, purchases orders, profit loss accounts, balance sheets etc.

Industiale is fully functional.

Developed with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.

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Some Users of Industriale
1. Magicwand Design & Print Limited
4. Top Baby Mart
2. Petwell Veterinary Clinic
5. Kiremanditi General Merchants
3. Tausa School Centre
6. Cybermonk Software Development Limited
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