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Student Performance Records Management System

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Product Description
  Schools using WAN-01 show marked improvement in their National Examination performance compared to other years.

Once installed in a computer, marks obtained by the students in the various subjects' exams and tests, are entered (keyed) into the computer over the term.

At any given time over term, the software is able to process the entered marks to produce various reports such as Class Broadsheets, Student Progress Cards and most importantly End of Term Reports just by clicking a button.

WAN-01 requires no special training or computer skills. Majority of the current users had no prior computer training or skills whatsoever.

Further to producing the above mentioned documents WAN-01 is also able to further process students' marks and produce detailed analysis reports.

Examples include Subject Performance Histograms, Three term Broadsheets, Consolidated School's Performance reports and a host of other performance analysis documents.

Reports from WAN-01 can be printed on any printer these include; Dot-Matrix printers, Ink Jet, Laser printers etc. (Laser printers are recommended due to their cost effectiveness, high quality printouts and high printing speeds.)

WAN-01 eliminates the need for sourcing for preprinted report forms for commercial printers.
A school with 1000 students requires only 6 rims of plain paper and one toner cartridge each term.

1. Generate student School IDs

2. Security and integrity of the student performance data. The system features inbuilt security to ensure that only authorized persons have access to input data.

3. Data consistency and integrity .All activities performed on the data (whether it's editing existing data or addition of new data) are updated in the entire system as necessary.

4. WAN-01 performs automatic backup of the input marks after every session. Backed up data may then transferred to other media such as Compact Disks (CD-ROM) where it may later be retrieved from when system restoration is required.

5. An activity log to track the usage of the system

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Some Users of WAN-01
1. Changamwe secondary school
12. Moi Forces Academy Mombasa
2. Bura Girls Secondary School
13. St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School
3. Murray Girls High School
14. Kajembe High School
4. Lukore Secondary School
15. Mbaraki Girls Secondary School
5. Sacred Heart Secondary School
16. Star of the Sea Secondary School
6. St. John's Secondary School Kaloleni
17. Kenyatta High School Mwatate
7. Waa Girls Secondary School
18. Voi Secondary School
8. Ribe Boys Secondary School
19. Mazeras Girls High School
9. Ribe Girls Secondary School
20. Taita Academy High School
10. Jaribuni Secondary School
21. Hirimani Secondary School Hola
11. Mama Ngina Girls Secondary School
22. Coast Girls High Shool
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