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Medical Clinics & Health Centers Operations System.
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Clinic OP + AuthPrescript + Soko la Dawa
is an integrated healthcare system for doctors, medical laboratories patients and the general public accessible online across devices and platforms
Clinic-OP   For Pharmacies   For Public   Authprescript

  1. Capture patient names and visits (In-patients and Out-patients) including treatment and payment information.
  2. Easily track patient visits, visit cases e.g., consultation, vaccination lab test etc, payments and appointments.
  3. Patient waiting list where the nurse, lab technician and doctor can see the patients that have arrived and waiting to be served.
  4. Facilities for easy making and printing prescriptions, doctor's reports, sick / off duty notes and a host of analytical and reporting facilities like monthly diagnosis reports.
  5. An easy to use treatment facility that enables doctors to use input symptoms & findings, diagnosis and treatments administered to a patient by loading a checklist of the relevant (preloaded) items e.g. symptoms. The doctor checks / 'ticks' on the list as they continue to examine and treat the patient where the selected items are the converted into sentences to form doctor's notes.
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Other features include Invoice and Statement processing, Receipting, Transaction Tracking, Laboratory Operation processing and more.

Operator and Administrator levels of system access prevent unauthorized users from viewing confidential patient information.
System Beneficiaries:

  1. Doctors /Clinics & ¬†Medical laboratories
  2. Employers &¬† Health Maintenance Organizations
  3. Pharmacies & Pharmaceutical Companies
  4. Patients & general Public
Clinic-OP + Sokoladawa Demo
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