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In the intrepid world of Clearing & Freight Forwarding you need to have all the information and job data at your fingertips.
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C&F PRO is a Freight Forwarding application developed for Clearing & Forwarding Companies to enable them achieve the following objectives:

1. Digitize, Analyze, Report and Automate Clearing & Forwarding operations
2. Improve C&F Customer Service Department
3. Increase timeliness execution of C&F tasks
4. Enable C&F Companies see the entire picture of their operations with tools for analysis of large amount operational data.
5. Boost staff morale by implementing state of the art solution tailor made for their industry.
Some C&F PRO Users
C&F PRO is available in three versions which serve to form one product:
1. C&F PRO Online
A top tier logistics solution available online for Freight Forwarders, Importers and Transporters.
2. C&F PRO Desktop
An extension of C&F PRO Online built to work on your PCs that run Microsoft Windows operating systems.
3. C&F PRO Mobile
An extension of C&F PRO Online built to work on your mobile phone running Android, Windows Phone and IOS Operating systems. C&F PRO Mobile is a Customer Service enhancement solution that enables Freight Forwarders to provide real time updates to their Clients (Importers) directly on their smartphones.
1. C&F PRO for Importers:
An Importer may sign up for a Cybermonk SD account and do the following on C&F PRO Online:
1. Access their cargo status updates directly as they are input on your end on C&F PRO Desktop on Online version.
2. Upload documents to update existing consignments.
3. Upload document to prompt their C&F Agent to prepare to clear new consignments that they may have.
4. Send messages on the system to make enquiries or respond to requests from their C&F agent.
2. C&F PRO for Transporters
A Transporter may sign up for a Cybermonk SD account and do the following on C&F PRO Online:
1. Access cargo assigned to them directly and update Port Exit Dates, Cross Border Dates and Container Return Dates etc.
2. Upload interchange documents to demonstrate proof of returning containers, Update Container return dates and Interchange numbers.
Importer & Transporter access on C&F PRO is granted and suspended by thier respective C&F Agents
C&F PRO is available for your organisation on a monthly subscription basis as follows:
See C&F PRO Rates
Using C&F PRO requires users to Sign Up for a Cybermonk SD Account (personal or for business).
C&F Agents can also download and install C&F PRO Desktop and connect with their account to proceed using the system.
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C&F PRO has been developed in collaboration with industry experts and is designed to meet C&F requirement of the Port of Mombasa and others.
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