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AuthPrescript® is an advanced e-prescription application accessible by medical professionals and the general public via web browsers or as a desktop application or mobile phone application used to create, price, authenticate, print and share medical prescriptions online and also offline.

Clinic-OP For Pharmacies For Public Authprescript

How it works:

AuthPrescript + Clinic OP + Soko La Dawa is an integrated system that offers pharmaceutical companies the ability to expose their brands to doctors, patients and the public at the point of prescription and provide data insights on the movement and popularity and of their drugs and other products.


We shall provide your pharmacy with the following if you require:

1. Backed by a database of Names of Drugs, Detailed Descriptions, Images and Prices of Drugs.
2. Facility for previewing more information about any drug on the prescription list.
3. Facility for previewing drugs in the same drug category as the prescribed drug and for substituting a prescribed drug with any other of those shown.
4. Provides estimate cost for each drug on the prescription and the total estimated cost of the entire prescription.
5. Sending (sharing) the prescription online via email or to other applications or printing the prescription for offline sharing.
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System Beneficiaries:

1. Doctors /Clinics &  Medical laboratories
2. Employers &  Health Maintenance Organizations
3. Pharmacies & Pharmaceutical Companies
4. Patients & general Public

If our system has gained your interest, you may; below to send us your expression of interest and any other comments (click the button).

If you are a pharmacy owner or employee, be sure to include your Pharmacy's name, contact information, county, town and your Area (Sub location) so that we can add your pharmacy to our system.

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Watch: Clinic-OP + Sokoladawa Demo
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