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Sokoladawa - Pharmacy Access
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How it works:

Soko la Dawa + AuthPrescript + Clinic OP;is an integrated system that offers pharmacies the ability to easily reach patients, doctors and the public, seeking the best offer and quality assurance for their prescriptions.

Clinic-OP For Pharmacies For Public Authprescript

Soko la Dawa is a freely accessible online system to patients and the public looking for various drugs and other healthcare products. Here, they can search for drugs, submit prescriptions and make enquiries.

Alongside the displayed drugs in the search results is a list of Pharmacies that have the items in stock.
Prescription owners can place direct enquiries to the listed pharmacies to receive best price offers. At the backend, pharmacies receive notifications and alerts of the submitted enquiries and prescriptions.

A pharmacy can then reach the enquirers directly via text message and/or email using messaging facilities on the system with their best offers and other incentives such as delivery to door, free samples, etc. They may also call the prescription owner.
Product Account & Profile Page Requirements:

We shall require the following to setup your Sokoladawa admin account:
1. A photo of your business (establishment shot)
2. Your business address and physical location
3. Soft copy business Logo and/or Letterhead
4. A summary decription of your business and extra services you offer such delivery to door services, blood testing services, etc. (500 to 800 characters including spaces)
5. The locations in/around your county you would like to receive enquiries and prescription from
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System Beneficiaries:

1. Pharmacies & Pharmaceutical Companies
2. Patients & general Public
3. Doctors /Clinics &  Medical laboratories
4. Employers &  Health Maintenance Organizations
Watch: Clinic-OP + Sokoladawa Demo
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